D’Orsay Rosé

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Swirl. Sip. Marvel.

Everything in life can be art, if you take the time to marvel. Influenced by France’s vibrant, artistic legacy – this bottle of D’Orsay is a sensorial masterpiece. Look through that rose-colored glass to all of the beauty that surrounds you.

Beautifully blush in color, D’Orsay Rosé delivers a lush, refreshing style that will stand out at any occasion. Lovely floral aromas and notes of honeysuckle linger on the nose. Delicate flavors of stone fruit, strawberry, and apricot round out the palate and lead to a crisp finish filled with mouthwatering acidity.

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Côtes de Provence

Indulge yourself in the art of wine. Influenced by the boundless beauty of French artistry – D’Orsay Rosé is awe-inspiring. Côtes de Provence is home to an abundance of sunshine and a cool Mediterranean climate providing D’Orsay Rosé with the perfect canvas. Fragrant wildflowers bloom freely in the bountiful Provençal vineyards adding expressive notes of delicate florals to each and every glass.